PowerDrive Training Products, LLC was founded by Doug English. As a former All America defensive tackle at the University of Texas and an All Pro with the Detroit Lions, Doug was coached by the finest coaches to teach the game of football. As a result of this great coaching, Doug was taught the fundamentals of successful line play. These techniques were fundamental in the eighties and are still fundamental for dominant play today...






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Power at the point of attack depends on the competitor's ability to transfer power from the ground into the opponent. Strength, speed, and quickness do little good if the force is not delivered in the most direct and efficient manner...

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Rolling Resistance

Since the invention of the blocking sled 90 years ago, football coaches have used football training equipment to teach and strengthen proper movement and technique. Yet, 90 years later, football players continue to use poor form. Simply put, they play too high. Could it be that the training equipment is partially to blame?

If you think about it, practically all football training equipment provides sliding resistance. Whether dragged or pushed, the resistance is provided by the combination of weight and friction as it slides across the ground. The problem is sliding an object across the ground does not necessarily engage the hips. When challenged with a sliding object, the athlete's back tends to round and the athlete more-or-less leans into the resistance. Plus, movement becomes easier once in motion. In order to "roll" an object against resistance, the hips must work downwards with each step and the hands work upwards with the rolling motion. This combination of movements is precisely the awkward movement that is so hard to coach. Rolling resistance more precisely matches the interaction that happens at the point of contact in football, under the rim in basketball, out of the blocks in track, and in many movements in most other sports.

Objectively speaking, in 90 years, sliding resistance has not contributed to better trained athletes. Playing high is still a time-consuming, coaching challenge. Most football training equipment appears to be offering the same (sliding) thing over and over and expecting different results. Rolling resistance actually makes better athletes because it requires proper use of the hips. The difference between good athletes and great athletes is their ability to use their hips.

The good news is that a new, patented training tool that incorporates rolling resistance has been invented. The training tool is called the PowerDrive. The secret to the PowerDrive lies in its round, sand filled, ballast tank which is wrapped in a padded outer cover. Rolling resistance is created as the sand is forced to reshuffle in the tank as it rolls. The sand aggressively pushes back and never gains momentum. The PowerDrive is a game-changer.

Now is the time to experience the paradigm shift to rolling resistance. Train your athletes with cutting-edge training equipment. Buy a training tool that doesn’t just talk about results, but can measurably quantify results on the field and on the game video in only a few weeks. Call (512) 271-7693 today and give your athletes the benefit of the latest, greatest training tool available.