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Muscle memory

When you practice perfect form, perfect form shows up on the field. When you practice poor form...

During the off-season

Because you neither block nor tackle the PowerDrive, it is available to train and strengthen perfect technique year round...

During the season

The PowerDrive is the most realistic training tool available to reinforce power hip flexion...


Practice and strengthen perfect form everyday.


Our Mission:

PowerDrive Training Products is dedicated to teaching and strengthening perfect form at the point of attack.

Why does the little guy beat the bigger, stronger competitor? Better technique. Nothing trains and strengthens technique at the point of attack like rolling the PowerDrive. With or without a coach, with or without a fellow competitor, the PowerDrive instills perfect technique into muscle memory by just rolling it.


We love hearing success stories as a result of training with the PowerDrive. Please feel free to pass yours along! 


PowerDrive Training Products is owned and operated by University of Texas All American and Detroit Lions All Pro Doug English. Doug developed the idea for the PowerDrive while feeding his cattle at his ranch in the Hill Country of Central Texas. Raising cattle during the drought meant buying hay, and, because they were Longhorns, spreading the hay to lessen the possibility of injury to each other. To do that it was necessary to unroll the 1,000 pound round bales.  Panting and sweating from the work, Doug quickly recognized the movement necessary to unroll the hay - In order to budge the bale, he had to work the hips down and the hands up, and fight it every step. This awkward and hard-to-teach combination of movements is exactly the movement necessary to dominate at the point of contact in football and to keep athletes safe by keeping the knees flexed. 

After training a couple young athletes on hay bales and witnessing the shocking improvement in the athletes demonstrated in a matter of days, the race was on to develop a commercial  training tool that emulated this movement. Several prototypes later, the PowerDrive was born. Since then, the PowerDrive is credited with contributing to 2 National Champioinships, over a dozen High School State Championships, and countless improved players and teams.