Muscle Memory


When you practice perfect form, perfect form shows up on the field. When you practice poor form, poor form shows up and usually at the worst possible time - when the team is tired and the game is on the line in the fourth quarter. That is the reason building good muscle memory is critically important. Analyze the film in slow motion and you can plainly see the habits - good and bad - at the point of attack. Does the athlete stay in a low, power position? Or, does the athlete raise up? Leave his feet behind, or keep driving?  Maintain good separation, or allow the arms to collapse and fail to maintain separation?


Winning form has may pieces. Traditional football drills and equipment may isolate some of the pieces, but not all of them. Without connecting all of the pieces, many fail to show up on the field. The PowerDrive is the only piece of football equipment that combines all of the pieces that make up winning form into one drill.

The Proof is in the Padding


No coach has ever changed jobs and not ordered new PowerDrives for his new team. Most training equipment has been around for dozens of years. The PowerDrive is different in practically every way including the outcome - it works! What better method of gauging the value of any product than the presence of repeat customers? How about 100% repeat customers. Actions speak louder than words. Lots of people say lots of things for lots of reasons, but when every coach to ever use a PowerDrive purchases new ones for his new team, words suddenly pale in comparison to action.

The best recommendation any manufacturer can have is its customers. We at PowerDrive Training Products urge you to contact any of the fine coaches who train their team with the PowerDrive and ask them about it. However, one disclaimer - if you play them regularly, they might want to keep the knowledge of the PowerDrive secret so as to maintain their advantage.

During the Season


During the season The PowerDrive is the most realistic training tool available to reinforce power hip flexion. As a rule, athletes avoid using their hips. It is painful and tiring so if an athlete can find a way to avoid it, he will. Coaches use countless drills to train athletes to use the hips, yet it is a battle that few coaches ever win. As long as the athlete feels a more comfortable way to get the job done, as he tires, he will migrate to a more comfortable position. In this scenario, the athlete and the coach are locked in an endless battle from opposing sides.

The revolutionary improvement in training provided by the PowerDrive is that it isolates the hips into a power position with no way to migrate to a less productive position. Suddenly the coach and the athlete are on the same side, both working to achieve the same goal. By working in a hip-flexed power position to the point of exhaustion against the tremendous and realistic resistance presented by the PowerDrive, the athlete grows to become very comfortable and very strong in the power position.

The need for great hip strength is not exclusive to football. Every sport that involves running requires hip strength. A great 40 speed is dependent on the first 3 steps, and the only way to come out of the blocks strong is from the hips. You cannot raise up and be explosive. The difference between being thrown out at 2nd base or sliding in safe in baseball is the first 3 steps from 1st base. Wrestling, basketball, martial arts, tennis, handball, racquetball - all require strong and explosive hip strength. The PowerDrive makes better athletes.

In the Off-Season


Because you neither block or tackle the PowerDrive, it is available to train and strengthen perfect technique year round. Coaches know that it typically takes weeks of practice before the team becomes comfortable in a low, power position. Valuable time is spent devising and running drills to lower pad levels. After an off-season rolling the PowerDrive you will find that your team reports to camp ready to attack at from a lower pad level and with more strength and balance.


Game shape is no longer limited to the second half of the season. Despite a heavy dose of off-season conditioning, athletes still tire quickly in game conditions. The reason is that even with the best intentions in the off-season, it is nearly impossible to simulate the same conditions that are in place during a game - that is, a mix of full body effort along with full speed running. The PowerDrive provides full body effort to roll and can be combined with sprints to simulate game conditions.

PowerDrive Training Products, LLC was founded by Doug English.


As a former All America defensive tackle at the University of Texas and an All Pro with the Detroit Lions, Doug was coached by the finest coaches to teach the game of football. As a result of this great coaching, Doug was taught the fundamentals of successful line play. These techniques were fundamental in the eighties and are still fundamental for dominant play today. After having built three successful companies in his years since football, Doug wanted to give back to the game that started it all for him. Here’s what he has to say about the creation of PowerDrive Training Products, LLC.


“The idea for the PowerDrive originated during the drought in Texas as I was unrolling round-bales of hay for my Longhorn cattle. If you’ve never attempted to roll a round-bale, you might be surprised to find out how hard it is to roll a 1,200 pound round-bale of hay. I found myself having to rely on the defensive line techniques I learned playing football to get the thing to move and keep moving. I also found myself sweating profusely and breathing hard after just a few seconds of work. It occurred to me that the techniques necessary move a round-bale exactly matched the techniques necessary to move or control an opposing lineman – low center of gravity, good body lean, full arm extension, push and lift technique, coordinated feet and hand movements, and tenacity. Otherwise, the thing won’t move and neither will an opposing lineman.


"Blessed by many great coaches and mentors, and wishing to share the techniques and knowledge imparted to me by these great men, I began to experiment with the fabrication of a piece of professional-grade work-out equipment that would offer football training and conditioning drills using this same type resistance to young athletes. After several attempts using several types of ballast and different sized ballast tanks, various types of foam padding and configurations of coverings, the patent application was filed and the PowerDrive became a reality. Certainly coaches and athletes alike will be happy to know that they won’t find a rattle snake or scorpion hiding in a PowerDrive like ranchers occasionally find in hay bales!”


Young athletes who have used the PowerDrive for blocking, training, and conditioning drills, without exception, feel that they benefitted greatly from the work-out and became stronger at the point of attack. As the seasons progress and more athletes train with the PowerDrive, we at PowerDrive Training Products, LLC, will continue to gather information about the positive effects of training with the PowerDrive and future PDTP products. As a result of this great coaching, Doug was taught the fundamentals of successful line play. These techniques were fundamental in the eighties and are still fundamental for dominant play today.