Sponsor a PowerDrive for Your Team

New concepts take a while to filter into the mainstream. Early adopters gain a competitive advantage. Because the PowerDrive has proven to significantly strengthen athletes at the point of attack, teach better technique year round, and increase “forty speeds” across the board, sponsoring a PowerDrive for your favorite team will have a measurable and positive impact on the season outcome.

Sponsoring your team with a PowerDrive can benefit you or your business. When you sponsor a Custom PowerDrive, you have the option of choosing the screen printed logo as well as the color(s). Some sponsors may choose to advertise on the PowerDrive by placing the name and/or logo of their business on the side. Others simply want to see their young family member receive the benefit of the latest training equipment.

Another important sponsoring opportunity is to sponsor a team from a school district that does not enjoy a high tax base and high donation support base. At these schools you will find some of the most dedicated coaches and hardworking student athletes but the budgets cannot support them with the latest amenities. These schools stand to benefit greatly from the techniques taught and strengthened by the PowerDrive. If you are aware of a school like this and would like to help get them the finest piece of football equipment ever made (according to longtime Coach Spike Dykes), we at PowerDrive will work with you to make this wonderful gift possible.

Read what these sponsors have to say about the impact their donation made on their team:

     "My high school football coach used to say that his goal was when he put someone on the field they could take care of themselves. I believe that the PowerDrive teaches just that, so I sponsored one for my former high school as well as the local high school where I live now. The improvement in skills is amazing." – Bill Walker, Seguin, TX

      “I was looking for a way to help out the football programs at the local high school and my college alma mater, Texas Tech University, when I came across the PowerDrive. After sponsoring PowerDrives for both schools, I was pleased to see the improvement in both teams. The coaches were curious at first but became very grateful and enthusiastic about their PowerDrives. It was a win-win!” – Dr. Norm Dozier, Abilene, TX

     “Every dad wants to help his son’s football team but most coaches have more help than they can use, especially from dads. When I discovered the PowerDrive, it seemed to be a great way to help the coaching staff without getting in the way. The PowerDrive was and continues to be very beneficial to the team.” – Bill Britain, Atlanta, Ga.

     "I really believe in the product and thought the concept was a game changing innovation to lineman training. I will never forget watching Jerry Sizemore working the FBU kids on the PowerDrive and actually seeing fundamental form improvement from one practice to the next. That is what sold me to the benefits of using the PowerDrive." – Dave Holcomb Elysian Fields, TX