What do the coaches say about the PowerDrive?

PowerDrive Training Products are developed by top high school and college coaches, and professional athletes so you can be sure that the benefits derived will be critically important in the execution of the most advanced techniques. Read what these top coaches and athletes have to say about PDTP products:

"The PowerDrive is the best piece of football training equipment I've ever seen." - Spike Dykes, former head coach Texas Tech University and defensive coordinator University of Texas

"The PowerDrive is a great piece of equipment for strength and conditioning, as well as self-correcting movement." - Steven Womack, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Westlake High School

"The PowerDrive has been an excellent tool during summer strength and conditioning, both as a leg drive and explosive movement apparatus. The kids adapted to it well and were able to further understand how important leverage and a good foundation are. We will make further investments in the future." - Coach Gary Joseph, Katy High School

"The PowerDrive is an essential tool in our offseason and in-season training from grades 7-12. We use it for all positions. There is NO better product that simulates the hip drive and hand speed needed to be successful in the trenches. It is very adjustable for different age/skill levels, and ensures that an athlete uses correct form every time." - Coach Dustin Davisson, Midway High School

"The PowerDrive may be the single best piece of equipment for developing offensive and defensive lineman I have purchased in 20 years as a head football coach." - Coach Tim Buchanon, Aledo High School

"The PowerDrive has proved to be a great teaching tool for our linemen, especially the young kids! Not only does it force you to put your body in the proper position to block but it also is a great conditioning tool." - Coach Stephen Warren, Abilene High School

"The PowerDrive is as good of a lineman training device as I have seen in my time. A great O-line and D-line tool for strengthening the posterior chain while working correct technique. It is a must for basic one on one blocking fundamentals and the simulation of multiple 2 one zone participation schemes. PowerDrive is revolutionary with its immediate feedback to linemen of all levels." - Coach Steve Gideon, Texas Football Academy

“After only 2 weeks working with the PowerDrive, we noticed that our linemen were already playing with a lower pad level. This piece of equipment will be a game changer for our kids and program.” – Coach Jared Wingfield, Mabank High School

"The PowerDrive has not only trained our kids to play lower and stronger but we were pleasantly surprised to find that after using the PowerDrive every day our 40 speeds improved." - Coach Andy Evans, Tatum High School

"The PowerDrive is one of the best tools I have seen to train the kinetic chain for athletic movement. It is very functional in that it can be used for explosive triple extension movements. Its power lies in the fact that it forces the hands and feet to continue to move while applying force into the ground and overcoming an unstable force. It also provides an incredible conditioning effect if used in the right manner as well. I love the Power Drive!" - Geno Pierce CSCS USAW-1, Performance Course, Inc.

"It's the only training tool I've ever seen that trains linemen at a functional level in advanced technique, functional strength, and game day conditioning." - Eric Williams, 10 year NFL veteran Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins.

"We use it every day and love it. We even have our female and non-football athletes work out with it. I'm excited to see our kids block and tackle this season. Our kids get in that power producing position very easily now." - Coach Rocky Smart, Clyde High School

"We won again Thursday. The positive effect that the PowerDrive had on our kids is the reason." - Coach Ted Day, Katy Morton Ranch High School

"Taking over a program that was 4-6 and 2-8 the past two years, the first purchase made was the Powerdrive. We went 6-4, the first winning season in several years. We use it everyday and the kids are getting better and better." - John Contrucci, Lubbock Roosevelt High School

"The PowerDrive is one of the reasons we won state!" - Coach Whitney Keeling, Waskom High School

“I first saw the PowerDrive 2 years ago at a coaching clinic. My school at that time did not have the money in the budget to purchase one. As an alternative, I used a round bale of hay to train my athletes until it disintegrated. However, when I was hired at my new school, one of my first purchases was a PowerDrive.” We use it every day.” - Bill Jehling, Hamshire-Fannett High School